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  Who We Are

  We are medical professionals...

  °  Who see the need for better accommodation
      options for our traveling nurses, students,       
      physicians and other medical professionals.
  °  Who have traveled, rotated and moved.
  °  Who appreciate the work that medical
      professionals do even in the absence of a           
      pandemic ...


short term furnished apartment bakersfield
Shor term furnished housing bakersfield


We know you have many beds to choose from and so we are honored that you would consider one of ours. The benefit of a MedBed home is that we do the work for you. Taking care of patients is the priority and so we would like to take care of you ...

short term furnished apartment bakersfield

How It works?

The process is simple but does require one extra step compared to traditional bookings.

Bakersfield Properties

MedBed offers furnished housing for medical professionals arriving to Bakersfield, CA for their medical assignment.


I love the fact that MedBed offers a cleaning service once a month, blackout curtains, and room-key. They were very helfpul

- Paul G.

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