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How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in California

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Working and playing in California sounds like a dream come true! By taking the time to choose the best travel nurse hosuing in California for you, you can enjoy beaches, skiing, wine country, and Hollywood. There isn’t much that California doesn’t have to offer. You will most likely find it in California regardless of your interests or passions. Love the outdoors? There are numerous national parks to visit, from Redwood to Yosemite and even Joshua Tree. Love amusement parks? California has several of those too! Love skiing? Check out Big Bear! There is also an entire coastline to explore and Napa Valley in northern California. As you can see, taking a travel nursing job in California can be one of your most exciting adventures.

How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in California
How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in California

How much does a travel nurse make in California? Depending on where your contract takes you in California depends on your weekly income. According in Indeed, travel nurses in Los Angeles make around $2,784 per week, and travel nurses in San Fransisco earn approximately $3025. Compared to staff nurses making roughly $113,000 yearly, your income as a travel nurse would be around $148,000 annually. This is a significant annual income increase, so if travel nursing is something you are interested in and it works for your lifestyle, Advantis Medical is here to be your guiding light! Once you have locked in a travel nursing contract in California, it is time to figure out your travel nursing budget. How much are you willing to spend on housing? What other costs of living do you need to include in your budget? Are there specific things you would like to do on your travel journey that you may need to budget for? Once you have created your budget, it is time to figure out where your travel nurse housing in California should be located.

How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in California

Types of short-term housing for travel nurses in California Now that you have locked in your contract in California, you have to decide if you will find your own travel nurse housing or use the housing resources from your travel company. The two main options are agency-provided housing or housing stipends. Speak with your recruiter to find more information on the housing options available for you, but here are some short-term options for travel nurse housing in California.

1. Extended Stay Hotels Since California is a popular tourist and corporate travel destination, there are several options for extended-stay hotels that would be ideal for a nurse traveling alone that only need a little space or storage. Pros to this living situation are that you typically have on-site amenities like pools, gyms, restaurants, housekeeping, and laundry. Downfalls to extended stay hotels are the need for more space and kitchen appliances. If you do not typically cook, this may work well for you, but if you are looking for an area where you can prepare your meals, there may be better options for you. 2. Room Rental Finding someone willing to rent a room without a longer commitment than what you need for a contract may be challenging. If you do not need a lot of space but would like access to a kitchen and possibly your own laundry unit, renting a room in someone’s apartment or home is the option for you. You may still get some of the amenities you would in an extended-stay hotel, depending on the apartment complex or house you rent. 3. Apartment or Condo Rental Are you looking for your own space or traveling with another nurse? Renting an apartment or condo would be an excellent travel nurse housing option for you in California! Renting an apartment or condo will give you more space for a roommate or if you expect to have guests during your travel nurse contract. Additionally, you will not be responsible for any outdoor maintenance and could potentially have an onsite gym or pool. 4. House or Townhouse Rental Are you a nurse traveling with a family? Renting a home or a townhome would be your best bet for travel nurse housing in California. This will give you the extra space you need for your family and belongings. Make sure to discuss with the landlord if you will be responsible for maintaining the exterior of the home or lot during your stay. You wouldn’t want a rental that needed its lawn mowed and not have a lawn mower! Back to Top

How much does travel nurse housing in California cost? Similar to the income that you can expect as a travel nurse in California, your cost of living depends on where you will be living in California. On average, renting a studio apartment can range from $550-$2350 monthly, a one-bedroom rental can range from $600-2900 monthly, and if you want two or more bedrooms, expect to pay anywhere from $800-$4970 monthly. If you are interested, more expensive rental options are available, but we can save those rentals for millionaires and celebrities. Are you looking for something fully furnished or with specific amenities? Expect to have a higher monthly payment. Also, remember to consider parking and renter’s insurance costs in your California travel nurse housing budget. Back to Top

Factors affecting affordable housing for travel nurses in California Depending on your search area, finding short-term rentals that meet your needs and your budget can take a little digging. Several factors will affect how much your rental will cost you each month.

  • Your overall cost will depend on which housing service you use and whether any discounts are available.

  • Your location will play a massive role in your rent. Are you looking for something near Los Angeles or San Fransisco? You should expect to pay a higher price tag.

  • Are you looking for an onsite gym, pool, or rooftop deck? Again, add it to your budget.

  • Is your contract during a high-traffic time of year? You may luck out in California because the entire year is an excellent time to travel there, so this factor may play a minor role. The rental cost could reflect that as well.

  • If you are planning on traveling with other travel nurses or friends that can split the costs with you, that will help make your monthly rent more affordable.

  • The length of your contract may also affect your monthly costs as well, and shorter stays may cost more per month due to the lack of a yearly contract. Make sure to double-check with the rental property if they have any additional costs if you are not signing a year-long lease.

Agency Travel Nurse Housing vs Stipends Now that you have a contract in place and you have created a budget, you will have to decide if you want to utilize agency-placed housing or stipend-pay for housing. Each comes with its share of pros and cons. Choosing agency-placed housing means that your travel nursing agency provides you with your living accommodations. Overall, this is your most affordable option because agencies typically participate in long-term leases and move travelers into them for the duration of their contract and then have another traveling nurse lined up to fill the long-term lease. This option gives you little time before or after your contract to move your belongings and explore your new city. The benefit, however, is that you will not be responsible for extra costs and fees if your travel nursing contract is cut short. If you already have rental space in mind or someone you can stay with for the duration of your travel nursing contract, a stipend-pay housing option may work for you. If you choose to take the stipend pay, you will need to find your rental property, book the property, and pay all of the costs related to the property. This option gives you as much time as possible before and after your travel nursing contract to explore your surroundings. However, if you are traveling alone, this option can be expensive since you are responsible for all costs, including initiating your utilities and breaking your lease early if your contract ends early.



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