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Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Located on the banks of the Kern River, Bakersfield is a city at the southern end of California’s Central Valley region. Known as the Country Music Capital of the West Coast, the city boasts a vibrant cultural scene. Moreover, with great weather and a varied economy, Bakersfield is an increasingly attractive place to call home.

Here are some things you should know about Bakersfield before moving there:

Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play

1. How big is Bakersfield?

Bakersfield covers just over 150 square miles in total and is located in Kern County, where it serves as the county seat. It just about ranks within the 50 largest cities in the U.S. and is the ninth largest in California. It’s the principal city in the Bakersfield metropolitan area, which covers just over 8,130 square miles.

The city proper is divided into eight geographic districts: Central, North Bakersfield, Northeast, East Bakersfield, Southeast, South Bakersfield, Southwest and Northwest. Each region is further divided into several distinct neighborhoods.

2. What is the weather like in Bakersfield?

Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play

With a hot desert climate, the weather in Bakersfield is characterized by mild winters and hot, dry summers. The city sees just over six inches of rain per year, most of which falls during the winter months. Summer highs average out at more than 95 degrees in July and August and the city enjoys an average of around 3,320 sunshine hours each year.

Almond trees blooming during early spring season in Bakersfield, CA.

While this is great news for sun worshippers, prolonged exposure to intense sunshine can gradually cause damage to plenty of items. Car tires can start to crack, while wooden furniture can dry out and split. Meanwhile, paint can also begin to fade. One way to prolong the lifespan of your belongings is to rent self storage in Bakersfield. With climate control, you can keep your sensitive items in top condition throughout the year.

Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play
Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play

Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play

3. What’s the job market like in Bakersfield?

Kern County ranked as the most oil-productive county in the U.S. in 2013, and the oil and energy sector continues to dominate Bakersfield’s economy. Located in San Joaquin Valley, agriculture is also an extremely important industry for the city, with a wide array of crops grown, packaged and distributed in and around the state. With a business-friendly economic environment, Bakersfield is home to a number of large and small companies working in emerging sectors such as manufacturing and distribution.

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from renting a storage unit in Bakersfield. It’s an ideal solution for everything from keeping records and other important documents safe, to storing products for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

4. Universities and college life in Bakersfield

An important number of colleges and universities are based in Bakersfield. California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) provides education for more than 10,000 students and offers 31 bachelor’s and 22 master’s degree programs. Bakersfield College (BC) is the largest in the city, providing education for more than 18,000 students each semester, with 184 associate degree programs to choose from.

Since student accommodation isn’t always the most spacious, it’s worth considering self storage in Bakersfield. This is an ideal choice for those looking for a little more space, and the costs can be extremely affordable if students choose to share a unit. Seasonal and bulky items can stay in a storage until they can be used again. Additionally, renting a self storage can come in handy over the summer break: Instead of moving all their belongings back home, students can keep them in their unit – which can save them a costly and logistically challenging move.

Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play
Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play

5. Outdoor recreation in Bakersfield — endless fun in the sun

With amazing weather throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors in Bakersfield. The surroundings are spectacular and there are numerous state parks nearby. Sequoia National Forest offers mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking opportunities. Meanwhile, kayaking, rafting, canoeing and fishing on the Kern River are some excellent pastimes closer to home.

Scenic landscape at Mill Creek Park, Bakersfield, CA

Many of these activities require equipment that can take up space at home. Renting a storage unit in Bakersfield can be the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts who are trying to keep their house clutter-free.

6. Moving to Bakersfield — self storage can help

Excellent weather, great job opportunities and endless options for entertainment all make Bakersfield a top choice for those looking to relocate. On average, more people move to California from Washington State than from any other U.S. state, and it’ll typically cost between $3,800 and $4,200 for a professional moving company to assist. Taking care of your move yourself can save you money, but it can also be a stressful and time-consuming affair.

Whichever route you choose to take, renting a storage unit in Bakersfield is ultimately a great way to make the moving process flow a little more smoothly. By sending your belongings to storage instead of directly to your new home, you’ll be able to move in whenever it suits you, rather than matching schedules with the seller, if you’re buying a home. Having your belongings in a storage unit can help you move at your own pace as you can retrieve your items as you go.

7. Housing options in Bakersfield

Bakersfield has a diverse housing stock that is dominated by single-unit homes. You can browse a wide range of house styles that take in both contemporary and historic options. You’ll also find an assortment of American Craftsman cottages and ranch houses, for example in the Northeast district. Alternatively, Northwest Bakersfield has seen a lot of development since the 1990s and offers more modern options.

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll find that self storage can help well beyond the moving stage. If you decide to take up a home improvement project, the items from the space under construction can sit in a storage unit until the project is completed. Moreover, if you’re moving in with your parents to form a multi-generational household, you might discover that as two generations come under the same roof, surplus belongings might come into the picture. Appliances, furniture and family heirlooms can sit in a storage unit to help alleviate the pressure put on your living space.

Multi-family homes such as apartments, condos and townhouses make up less than a quarter of the housing stock, but you can find them throughout the more central parts of the city. Mostly, they’re close to commercial and entertainment districts. If proximity to these areas is important to you, but you’re worried that you won’t have enough space, it’s worth considering self storage in Bakersfield. You can place seasonal and bulky items – whether they’re winter clothes, décor, winter bedding or other items – in a storage unit to help you make better use of your living space.

Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play
Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play

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Moving To Bakersfield — A Guide To Work, Life And Play

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