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Touro University Students Clinical Rotations at Kern Medical

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Touro University Students Clinical Roations at Kern Medical
Touro University Students Clinical Roations at Kern Medical

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Touro University is a private university that offers various health sciences programs, including medical and osteopathic schools. Kern Medical is a teaching hospital located in Bakersfield, California, that often collaborates with medical schools and offers clinical rotations to medical students.

If you are a Touro University student looking to complete a rotation at Kern Medical, here are a few steps you might need to take:

  1. Contact Your School: Reach out to your medical or osteopathic school's clinical rotation coordinator or department. They can provide you with information on the process for arranging rotations at Kern Medical.

  2. Rotation Availability: Kern Medical may have limited spots available for medical students from different institutions. It's important to inquire about rotation availability, as well as any specific requirements or prerequisites for applying.

  3. Application and Paperwork: Your school's rotation coordinator will guide you through the application process. This might involve submitting paperwork, health records, immunization documentation, background checks, and liability insurance information.

  4. Approval and Scheduling: Once your application is approved, you will likely work with your school's rotation coordinator and Kern Medical's coordinator to schedule your rotation. The duration and specific dates of your rotation will depend on the guidelines set by your school and Kern Medical.

  5. Orientation: Before starting your rotation, you might need to attend an orientation session at Kern Medical. This orientation will familiarize you with hospital policies, procedures, safety protocols, and the layout of the facility.

  6. Supervision and Learning Objectives: During your rotation, you'll work under the supervision of experienced medical professionals at Kern Medical. Be sure to communicate your learning objectives and goals for the rotation with your supervising faculty or physician to ensure a meaningful experience.

  7. Evaluation: At the end of your rotation, you will likely receive an evaluation from the staff and faculty at Kern Medical. This evaluation will assess your performance during the rotation and might provide feedback on your clinical skills, communication, teamwork, and professionalism.

Keep in mind that the specific process and requirements for rotations can vary from one institution to another, and they may have changed since my last update in September 2021. It's important to communicate directly with your school's rotation coordinator and Kern Medical's coordination office to get the most accurate and up-to-date information for arranging your rotation.

Additionally, make sure to adhere to any COVID-19 protocols or guidelines that might be in place during your rotation due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Touro University Students Clinical Rotations at Kern Medical

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